Summer Trip Planning

Summer trip planning often leads to unexpected places to visit along the way. In early July, Lovie and I will be traversing the state of New York from the Hudson River Valley all the way across into Ontario. An overnight stay is called for and that is how I found the following little treasure to explore.

Things to do in Cuticle NY:
“Fun Reigns Supreme At the base of the Finger Lakes!”

Visit the greater Cuticle area’s renowned Children’s Museum. It features children of every age, size and shape. And don’t forget the International Hall where children from the far corners of the world are on display. (Only open after school hours and on weekends.)

Gerber’s 1933 Tavern – famous for smaller portions, finely strained, easy on the digestive system. Children’s menu our specialty! Bibs and lots of wet wipes are standard issue. High Chairs for everyone! “Here comes the airplane, open the hangar!”

Tour the local newspaper, “Cuticle Clippings” and see how a small town newspaper operates!

The Stanley Theatre for the Arts featuring local folk singing favorites such as “If I had a Hammer”, “I’m Leaving of a Jet Plane”, “I Saw Her Tonight”, and “If I Ruled the World”. Free beverages to first 50 patrons over age 21 of orange juice and vodka.

Visit the Manicure Mansion beautifully restored with the display cases featuring the nail clippings from international celebrities, including Rula Lenska, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Julie Newmar as “Cat Woman” in the iconic cult favorite, Batman series. Wednesdays are free, open to the public. Mansion closed Wednesday nights to accommodate the weekly meetings of NBA (Nail Biters Anon.)

Question of the day: If fish oil comes from fish and olive oil comes from oil, where does baby oil come from?

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